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I am the first to admit that I am not the best home repair person in the world. When something breaks, it usually takes me a while to figure out how to make the repairs or to break down and hire someone to make the repairs for me. When my dishwasher was leaking, I made the big mistake of not taking action immediately. Instead, I just stopped using it. I thought that not using it solved my problems, but it didn't. About three weeks later, I had to hire a repair contractor to fix all of the damage that the dishwasher had caused. Find out about water damage on my blog.

Two Reasons Why You Need Mold Remediation After Your Home Sustains Water Damage


Whether it's due to a ravaging flood that tears through your community or because a pipe unexpectedly bursts, water can inflict severe damage on your home.  One of the most severe consequences of water damage is the threat of mold.  Mold can start to grow in as few as 24 to 48 hours.  That's why it is vital for you to obtain mold remediation services after your home sustains water damage.  Use this information to learn more about the importance of mold remediation once water damage has occurred.

Mold Remediation Is A Precautionary Measure

One reason why you should obtain mold remediation after your home sustains water damage is because it is a precautionary measure that could benefit you in many ways.  Bringing in a mold remediation professional does not necessarily mean that you have mold; the professional is being brought in to conduct tests which are designed to uncover any existing mold, as well as give you tips to help prevent mold from occurring.

It's especially important to have mold remediation done after you file a claim for water damage.  For example, if there is a flood in your community, you may make a homeowner's insurance claim to recoup some of the money for your losses.  However, if you later find that the water caused mold to grow in your home, resulting in the need for a claim for mold removal services, your insurer may require proof that you had the mold remediation done after the initial flood before they will pay out on your second claim.

Mold Remediation Could Be A Lifesaver

Another reason why you should enlist the assistance of a mold remediation company is because it could prove to be a lifesaver.  Not only can it be toxic for you to inhale mold, mold also points to an excessive amount of moisture in your home, which has the ability to weaken the foundation of your house.  If left unchecked, you could find that the floors in your home are no longer sound, and this could be very risky for your family.

During a remediation, professionals thoroughly check all the places in your home that mold loves to hide.  This could be under floorboards, near baseboards, beneath your carpet, and in other moisture-rich places.  If they uncover any mold, they apply targeted remedies that are aimed at getting rid of it as soon as possible.  They also use professional drying techniques to ensure that the structure of your home remains sound.

After water damage, don't give mold the chance to flourish in your home.  Contact a mold remediation company right away so you can enjoy these benefits and more. Visit a website like http://www.colfaxcorp.net for more details.


8 August 2015