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I am the first to admit that I am not the best home repair person in the world. When something breaks, it usually takes me a while to figure out how to make the repairs or to break down and hire someone to make the repairs for me. When my dishwasher was leaking, I made the big mistake of not taking action immediately. Instead, I just stopped using it. I thought that not using it solved my problems, but it didn't. About three weeks later, I had to hire a repair contractor to fix all of the damage that the dishwasher had caused. Find out about water damage on my blog.

Save Clothing And Linens By Visiting The Dry Cleaner After A Home Fire


Even small home fires can be financially devastating. Smoke and water can damage property almost as much as the actual flames. It is only with professional help that many items are able to be salvaged. This must be done quickly in order to achieve the best results. Homeowners have to be realistic about what can and cannot be accomplished. Clothing, draperies and linens may be able to be saved with dry cleaning. Here is what to know to get the best results.

Washing to Remove Mold and Soot

Any clothing that is machine washable may be able to have the soot and mold removed in this manner. Special cleaners are typically used by dry cleaning services for machine washable clothing. Dry clean only clothing and washable items that are severely molded need something more powerful. A dry cleaning treatment is often the perfect solution. The high heat used for dry cleaning is often able to kill mold quickly and permanently.

Remove Remaining Odors

Smoke and water damaged items require special care to remove the strong odors they retain. Since washing and regular dry cleaning services will not always remove all traces of smoke odor, additional help is needed. For this process a dry cleaner will use ozone generators. These machines purify the air where the fabric is contained to remove the embedded scents. Depending on the size of the establishment, this process can be done all at once, or items can be purified individually. All clothing is hung up with enough space between items to allow air to circulate in an ozone chamber, basically a sealed room or closet, while the generator is in use.

The Limits of Dry Cleaning

Delicate fabrics, heavily embellished clothing and draperies or anything with a fringe are difficult to clean completely following a fire. Stuffed items like pillows, cushions and toys or fabric with cardboard backing can be nearly impossible to clean. Clothing may also be more damaged by the heat and fire than it originally appears and may not survive the cleaning process. Always prepare for this possibility and be certain to add the losses to any insurance claim.

Insurance companies will often cover the cost of dry cleaning services after a fire. Some dry cleaners actually work with insurance companies and can bill them directly. Before taking any clothes to the cleaners, it is important to discuss the matter with the insurance agent to see if they will cover the costs, if they require a specific dry cleaner be used and how to bill the insurance company for the service. 

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12 August 2015