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I am the first to admit that I am not the best home repair person in the world. When something breaks, it usually takes me a while to figure out how to make the repairs or to break down and hire someone to make the repairs for me. When my dishwasher was leaking, I made the big mistake of not taking action immediately. Instead, I just stopped using it. I thought that not using it solved my problems, but it didn't. About three weeks later, I had to hire a repair contractor to fix all of the damage that the dishwasher had caused. Find out about water damage on my blog.

Waterproofing Spray: An Inexpensive Way To Keep White Shoes Looking New


A pair of white canvas or fabric shoes adds a fresh, summery look to any outfit. Unfortunately, just wearing the shoes one time can ruin the pristine look, particularly if you walk in a dusty, muddy, wet or grassy area. Using waterproofing spray can provide a longer life to these shoes and this helps you save money on buying this seasonal footwear.  

Choosing the Right Spray

Waterproofing sprays are available at a discount, sporting goods and shoe stores. Read the label to ensure that the product is appropriate for canvas shoes or other fabrics. Some sprays can discolor the canvas if it isn't specifically created for fabrics.

Preparing the Shoes

Even brand new white shoes can have dust on them from being on display in the store. Wipe them off with a white towel or a white cotton T-shirt. This removes the dust and prevents it from being imbedded permanently in the fabric once you spray them. Old fabric or canvas shoes are often washable. If yours still look fairly decent -- but are a bit dingy or have a tiny stain -- wash them as directed and allow them to dry completely before treating them with the spray.

Choosing an Area to Treat the Shoes

Choose a pretty day to protect your shoes so that you can  spray them outdoors. Avoid windy days since dust and debris may blow on the shoes and stick to them.  If the weather is nasty, spray the fabric shoes in your garage or in another well-ventilated space indoors.

Waterproofing the Shoes

Heed the instructions on the waterproofing spray to obtain the best results. Typically, the shoes must be sprayed on two or more separate occasions to reap the best waterproofing effect. Some sprays require you to wait an hour between coats and others require 24-hours. Most waterproofing sprays must be shaken before beginning. Usually, it is best to spray the shoes in short blasts with the can held 12 to 18 inches from the shoe. Pay careful attention to the shoelaces and seam areas since these are the places where dirt seems to collect.

Although waterproofing sprays help keep your white shoes looking their brightest, don't feel that you can wallow through a mud puddle and still salvage the shoes. Always wipe off any dust or debris with a damp cloth once you return home. This helps ensure that they last longer and prevents you from having to replace them too quickly.


24 November 2015