what you need to know about water damage

I am the first to admit that I am not the best home repair person in the world. When something breaks, it usually takes me a while to figure out how to make the repairs or to break down and hire someone to make the repairs for me. When my dishwasher was leaking, I made the big mistake of not taking action immediately. Instead, I just stopped using it. I thought that not using it solved my problems, but it didn't. About three weeks later, I had to hire a repair contractor to fix all of the damage that the dishwasher had caused. Find out about water damage on my blog.

Had A Flood? Learn The Benefits Of Hiring A Water Damage Repair Company


If your home has flooded, either due to a plumbing problem, cracked foundation or abundance of rain, you need to work quickly to remove all of the water from your home. Failure to do so can result in awful smells in your home, wood rot and/or mold. However, when this occurs, you may be considering removing the water and doing the clean up yourself. But there are many reasons you should leave this type of clean up to the professionals. Here are a few of those reasons.

Water May Not Be Visible

It is easy to clean up the water that you see in your home, such as puddles. However, a lot of the water in your space may not be visible. It can be hidden in insulation behind the wall, be sitting in your wooden structural beams or have soaked into the concrete sub-floor under your carpet. Many homeowners don't know all the places water can hide, and as such, fail to remove it all, leading to problems. A professional knows all the places that water can hide and works to remove it all.

Professionals Have Commercial-Grade Equipment

Another benefit to hiring a professional water removal company is that they have commercial-grade equipment. Stronger dehumidifiers, ozone generators and steaming equipment can help remove water and germs faster and more efficiently. You may not have access to this equipment which can cause your water clean up efforts to take longer than necessary. Or, you may have to rent this equipment, which can be costly, depending on the number of days you need to rent it for. A water repair company like Servpro Of Bear New Castle already has the equipment and knows how to use it, helping you to get your home back to normal at a fair price.

They Work to Prevent Mold and Mildew

The last benefit to hiring a water damage repair company is that they can work to prevent mold and mildew properly. Mold and mildew can begin to form in your home as quickly as 24 hours after a flood. As such, it is important that the right steps be taken to not only remove any remaining moisture, but disinfect the space to kill any mold or mildew that may have already begun to form. A professional water damage repair company knows how to do this, working to keep your home safe for your family.

Following a flood in your home, you may have many thoughts and worries running through your mind. However, it is important to begin the clean up process as quickly as possible. Learning about the benefits of hiring a water damage repair company will help you decide if this is the route you should go.


9 April 2016