4 Tips For Reducing Flood Damage


Dealing with a weather catastrophe can be overwhelming. One that may strike in your area could be excessive rain due to a hurricane or significant storm. If you're faced with recovering from a flooding situation, you will want to know specific tips for doing so. Being able to act fast could reduce the amount of water damage you have and enable you to have a speedier recovery. Tip #1: Mop up the water

3 January 2017

3 Critical Areas Of Damage You Might Experience After A Severe Storm


Are you a new property owner? If so, you likely want to protect your property against damages from storms. Aside from boarding up the property in the event of an evacuation, there are other things that you need to consider before a storm hits. You also need to be prepared or have an action plan in place if you are a victim of storm damage. The following are key areas of your property you should consider prepping that may need to be repaired after severe weather.

21 July 2016

How To Dry Out Your Basement Before The Basement Waterproofing Specialist Shows Up


If you have finally had enough with your damp to very wet basement, you may engage basement waterproofing services to resolve the problem. After you set up the date and time for the specialist to begin the waterproofing processes and before he or she shows up to begin the job, you can lend a helping hand to drying out your basement. There are several things you can do to help make the basement drier and easier for the specialist to work in and complete the work.

2 May 2016

Had A Flood? Learn The Benefits Of Hiring A Water Damage Repair Company


If your home has flooded, either due to a plumbing problem, cracked foundation or abundance of rain, you need to work quickly to remove all of the water from your home. Failure to do so can result in awful smells in your home, wood rot and/or mold. However, when this occurs, you may be considering removing the water and doing the clean up yourself. But there are many reasons you should leave this type of clean up to the professionals.

9 April 2016

Using Your Five Sense To See If You Might Have A Mold Problem


There are a ton of different reasons why people think they might have a mold issue, and some are better indicators than others. In order to get a firm grasp on whether or not you might have uncontrolled mold growth in your home or office, the best tools you can use are the ones you were born with. Here's how to use your own five senses to assess the presence and severity of a mold problem at a glance.

8 March 2016

Tips For Recovering Your Personal Items From A Household Flood


The ability to save personal items from a flood depends on where the flood water came from and how long the items stay soaked with the flood water. While a water damage cleanup crew is saving your home from structural damage, you'll probably be focused on saving as many personal effects as you can. Here is what you need to know about the two critical factors contributing to salvaging water-damaged items and how to recover as many items as you can.

11 February 2016

What To Know About A Fire Damage Assessment


If your home has suffered from fire damage, it can be devastating, especially if the fire spread through the entirety of your home. Luckily, if you have homeowners insurance, you likely have fire damage coverage, which ensures that you are able to receive compensation for the damages that have occurred. In order for your homeowners insurance company to know how much you should be compensated for, you will need to have a fire damage assessment done.

18 January 2016