Keep Your Brick Looking Better, Longer, With Tuckpointing


One of the reasons brick is so popular is the fact that it is designed to last a long time. However, don't mistake this for maintenance-free. A part of ensuring you get the desired longevity out of your brick has to do with performing maintenance on your mortar joints. Exposure to the elements and general wear and tear can cause the joints to start to fail, over time. Make sure you know what to do.

16 December 2015

Waterproofing Spray: An Inexpensive Way To Keep White Shoes Looking New


A pair of white canvas or fabric shoes adds a fresh, summery look to any outfit. Unfortunately, just wearing the shoes one time can ruin the pristine look, particularly if you walk in a dusty, muddy, wet or grassy area. Using waterproofing spray can provide a longer life to these shoes and this helps you save money on buying this seasonal footwear.   Choosing the Right Spray Waterproofing sprays are available at a discount, sporting goods and shoe stores.

24 November 2015

Three Areas Of Your Home That Can Be Hiding Water Damage And Mold


You may hear a lot about mold and its dangers, which is often associated with flooding and water damage. Your home does not have to be in a flood to have hidden water problems and mold. These problems can be caused by small leaks, condensation and moisture that gets trapped in your home. The mold can also be a danger to you and your family. Here are some of the areas where you will want to be on the lookout for hidden water damage and the potential for hazardous mold growth:

16 October 2015

Saving Personal Items After A Flood


You've pulled all of your personal items out of your flooded basement and laid them out on your lawn. Now you have to begin the task of going over each item to determine if they can be salvaged. Here are some tips to know what can be saved and which items will require more time and money that they are worth. The Type of Flood Water Determines Recoverability Professional water restoration companies classify flood waters three ways to help decide how easy it is to recover an item:

18 September 2015

How To Treat Different Types Of Flooring After Being Soaked


When your floor has been completely soaked with water or immersed in water for any length of time, you should act as quickly as possible to prevent water damage from spreading or permanently damaging your floor. While your primary goal is to dry the area quickly, you need to work differently depending on what floor material you have. Tile and Grout There are pros and cons to having a tile area flooded.

11 September 2015

Save Clothing And Linens By Visiting The Dry Cleaner After A Home Fire


Even small home fires can be financially devastating. Smoke and water can damage property almost as much as the actual flames. It is only with professional help that many items are able to be salvaged. This must be done quickly in order to achieve the best results. Homeowners have to be realistic about what can and cannot be accomplished. Clothing, draperies and linens may be able to be saved with dry cleaning.

12 August 2015

4 Tips For Restoring Your Furniture


If you're like most homeowners, you'd rather fix the items you have rather than make another purchase. This is especially true of furniture because of the high cost of this needed item for your home. However, there are several tips you can use to make restoring your furniture a much easier task. Knowing what these tips are can be helpful. Tip #1: Try using mayonnaise This is not typically an item you would think of using when it comes to working on your  home furniture.

11 August 2015

Two Reasons Why You Need Mold Remediation After Your Home Sustains Water Damage


Whether it's due to a ravaging flood that tears through your community or because a pipe unexpectedly bursts, water can inflict severe damage on your home.  One of the most severe consequences of water damage is the threat of mold.  Mold can start to grow in as few as 24 to 48 hours.  That's why it is vital for you to obtain mold remediation services after your home sustains water damage.

8 August 2015

Sweating Pipes And Pressure Tanks – What To Do To Stop It


Many home basements have issues with dampness. One symptom of moisture issues in your basement is sweating pipes and well pressure tanks. So, what causes the pipes and tanks to sweat? What can you do to put a stop to it?        What causes pipe and tank sweating in basements? The sweating is caused by the moisture that seeps through the concrete floor and walls causing water vapor in the basement.

4 August 2015

Four Reasons To Call A Water Damage Restoration Expert


Water damage can harm hardwood flooring to the extent that it's often rendered unsightly and unsafe. Water damage can happen as a result of floods, water used to put out fires, and broken plumbing pipes. The following are four reasons why you should contact a professional water damage restoration service immediately after serious exposure to water occurs on your home's wood floors. Cracked Floorboards Cracked floorboards are the result of the wood warping after it has been saturated with water.

30 July 2015